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FROM: Duncanville, Texas
FAMILY: Family of Four. Mom – Linda, Dad – Mark,  Brother – Steven
HIGH SCHOOL: Duncanville High School
COLLEGE: Texas State University
GYMNASTICS: 20 Years. Nationally & Regionally ranked 2003-2007. NAIGC Competitor 2007-2013.
CROSSFIT:  Mid 2012 – Current.

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The Beginning

Believe it or not, being an athlete is in my blood. It all started before I was even born. tossing and turning flips inside my mommas tummy. I bet she loved that! It was almost fatal for me, but good thing I came out two months early and avoided a cord around my neck. EEK! But enough baby talk, lets get to the good stuff.

My athletic career all started at the age of three. Balling my eyes out on the gymnastics floor because my mom wasn’t there with me. I guess you could say it was like taking your 5 year old to kindergarden for the first time. They kick and scream at the door, but once they realize they get to do cool things in class they forget about being away from their caretakers. So, I got an early start to that, I like to be an over achiever!

Gymnastics soon became my second home, a home away from home if you will. By the time I walked through that door to kindergarden I was already on my way to competing level 4. (Gymnastics goes up to level 10/Elite) I loved gymnastics at that age and couldn’t wait to go every day.

The Middle – No Guts. No Glory.

So here I am in third grade. You best believe that I had a “Magnificent Seven” folder to keep all my school work in! These are the first gymnastics that I looked up to.

These ladies truly set the bar for my era as a young gymnast. See the one without pants on? Kerri Strug. My hero! But it wasn’t till later that I tried to be just like her. Ill get to that story in a little bit. Needless to say, these girls put me in drive and I set forth on my gymnastics career.

Middle School. Oh man, what a time. I dont even think I was ever called Lauren, it was always “The gymnastics girl.” Ya, you know her? The one that flips around at recess and beat everyone, even the boys, at pushups and chin up holds. Yup, that was me.

I lived, ate, and breathed gymnastics. Nothing could stop me at that age. I was always doing flips in the living room at home and at school. No fear complex at all. You name it and ill try it. Double front flip? No problem. Double back flip? Wait what? You want me to do what? Crap, I just got older and realized I could hurt myself!

No guts, no glory. Damn straight! The biggest thing in gymnastics, that we all have to get over,  is that fact that we may crash and burn. Literally crash…..and burn. You cant even imagine the kind of rug burns and beam strawberries I have had. It all comes down to standing there at the end of the runway and telling yourself that your body knows what its doing, just let it do it.

So, about that double back flip. Let me tell you a little story. I was 14 years old training for level 10. We were a few month out from hitting competition season and I was training a double back flip as my dismount off bars. It scared the crap out of me every time! But, I went for it no matter how much of a head case it made me. Well, one day our coach decided to condition us for over an hour and half and from there move straight to the uneven bars and through cold sets. Cold sets are full bar routines without warming up each individual skill. (it’s good for competition practice) On that dark and rainy Monday (it really was rainy, not just adding that for dramatic effect) I went for my cold set and upon landing my dismount my right ankle shattered! This is when I tried to be like Kerri Strug. It was so bad I had to be taken to the emergency room that night. So painful to even move my body an inch! The doctor there told me they were going to do surgery that Friday. Remember, this was a Monday. All night I was whining in pain so my mom took me to see a specialist the next morning. By Wednesday I was taken into surgery first thing. The doctor told me that if I had waited till Friday, I would never be able to walk again! Holy crap! Glad I dogged that bullet.

Took me one year to get back to my old habits of flipping around with a brand new nifty scar. That year I went to Regionals in Seattle as a level 9. I came back stronger than ever and ready to work and win. This is also when I became “the Hulk.” Not only did I grow a foot, I also did a LOT of strength work to accomodate my new height of 5’6”.

And so, another era began. I spent the next 3 years as a level 10, busting butt to get a full NCAA scholarship. Keeping the reputation of “that gymnast girl” at school and also acquiring the nicknames: “The Hulk.” “Superman,” “Superwoman,” “Gigantor,” and “Thunder Thighs.” (lol dont ask). Needless to say, my shoulders were huge, my legs were huge, and I was just an all around Haus!

The End Before the Beginning

The story gets better. Coming Soon.

Sore Today, Stronger Tomorrow

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New Year, New Victories

First off I hope that everyone had a great New Years!…and this is how CrossFitters drink by the way haha. Here are a few little victories I had before we all rung in the new year… 1. The day after Christmas me and my coach, Bud, had a little open gym time. We accomplished two […]

Work, Work All Week Long!

“Work, work all week long Punchin’ that clock from dusk ’till dawn. Countin’ the days ’till Friday night That’s when all the conditions are right. For a good time I need a good time.” -Alan Jackson – Good Time I know most of you country fans know that song and know exactly what im talking […]

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Competition results


South Central Rebellion -Max 3 CrossFit

Partner Competition – 2nd Place

The CrossFit Open 2014

14.1 – 3.1.14
WOMEN - includes Masters Women up to 54 years old
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
55-lb. power snatches, 15 repsScore: 315 – 7 rounds
South Central Place: 131 of 5642
World Wide Place: 2123 of 70676


Place: 346


187 reps

Place: 142


69 reps

Place: 186



Place: 838

Place: 218

The Fittest Games

January 24th & 25th 2014

WOD 1 – Ups and Downs
you will get to choose between:
105 lb., 125 lb., 145 lb., 175 lb., and 185 lb.
5 Pull-ups | 5 Front Squats 145#
10 Pull-ups | 4 Front Squats
15 Pull-ups | 3 Front Squats
20 Pull-ups | 2 Front Squats
25 Pull-ups | 1 Front Squats
TIME: 5:58 – 11th
Total Weight Moved 2175lbs – 5th
WOD 2 – Gas Mask v.2
30 Burpee Over Object
50′ OH Walking Lunge @ 70/45
300′ Shuttle Run
50 Double Unders
300′ Shuttle Run
50′ OH Walking Lunge @ 60/45
30 Burpee Over Object
TIME: 9:40 – 33rd
WOD 3 – Tight Rope
10 Heavy Rope Singles
5, 10, 15, 20, 25… Toes to Bar
125 reps – 11th
WOD 4 – Efficiency
5 Rounds for Time:
9 Deadlift
6 Hang Power Clean
3 Shoulder to Overhead
3:38 – 3rd

– top 10 – went in at 7th place
WOD 1  - 60 DU | 30 50# DB snatch | 20 lateral ball over bar | 10 Burpee Box Jumps | run to next pad rest about 2min, first 8 move on.
WOD 2 – 20 Clean  & Jerks 95# | 1st 6 to finish move on. 2min rest.
WOD 3 – 15-12-9 Thrusters & Pull ups. 65# | winner takes all.
4th place Finish

Couples Therapy

February 8th 2014

4th place


Alpha CrossFit – Wurst Games 2013

October 26th 2013

1st Place RX Womens

WOD 1 – 10min Max AMRAP
8 min to establish a 1 RM Squat Clean, Front Squat, Jerk in succession.
Once time is up, 2min max effort double unders.
-200lb max, 135DUs = Score: 335 | 1st place.

WOD 2 – 4 RFT
20 KB swings @ 44lbs, 400m run
-Time 13:18 | 4th Place

WOD 3 – 15 min AMRAP
Ascending ladder by 5’s (5, 10, 15…)
Wall Ball (15lb sand ball)
Toes to Bar
Hand release Burpee Box Jumps
- 158 reps | 1st Place

Max III Civil War

4th Place RX Womens

Couples Therapy

Feb. 9th 2013 – Team Competition

5th Place

The Fittest Games

Jan. 18th & 19th 2013

WOD 1 – Jan 18th
15-12-9 Dual KB shoulder to overhead 35#
115# farmers carry 80′ – 100′ – 120′ (115# in each hand)
TIME- 2:49 5th place

WOD 2 – Jan 18th
2 Position Clean Ladder 105-110-115-120-125-130-135-140-145-150
45sec to complete power clean and hang clean in unbroken sequence with 15sec transition. Tie breaker was Max Effort Deadlifts for remaining time.
Score: 150.30 (weight.Deadlift reps) 4 place

WOD 3 – Jan 19th
12 time cap
2min Max Effort pull-ups
5 rds – 10 toes to bar & 10 burpee to plate.
Score: 9 (44 pull ups) 3rd place

WOD 4 – Jan 19th
“Randy” – 75 Snatches at 55#
TIME- 5:08 15th Place

Finals – Top 10 Chosen to participate
20 Wallballs 20#
10 chest to bar pull-ups
20 KB swings 55#
10 Overhead Squats 115#
20 Jump ropes with big climbing rope
Jump on box to finish
TIME- 6:59 9th Place

OVERALL – 36 points – 3rd Place

The Garage Games – World Wide WOD

Jan. 12th 2013

“Helena” 12:00min Time Cap
RX 3rds of 21 35# KBswings,12 pull ups, 100 Double Unders
TIME: 11:05

“Karena”: 5:00 min time cap
Complete 60 sit-ups as a “buy in” then wallballs till the clock runs out
Competitor chooses ball weight. 20#
SCORE = wallball reps x ball weight = 1480

“Grace”: 6min cut off
WOD: 30 clean and jerks @ 95#
TIME: 3:18

14th Overall (144 RX Women)
5th in Texas
1st from CrossFit Kyle

CrossFit Classics #4

Dec. 28th 2012 – Games style benchmark WOD “Jackie”

1st place

SeeFit Competition

Late Summer 2012 – Nation Wide (103 Rx Women)

6th place – Max Effort Pull Ups
- I ended up peeling off the bar on my last rep, falling from about six feel in the air onto my back smacking my head. So glad gymnastics taught me how to fall.
3rd place – Broad Jump
8th place – Max Clean & Jerk

Godai Elements Competition

Nov 10th 2012 – Local, 2 person coed team (29 teams)

12th Place

Triple Threat Throwdown

Nov. 17th 2012 – Local (18 Elite Women)

8th Place


Sore Today, Stronger Tomorrow

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