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It’s the Most WODerful Time of the Year

Since I have not posted all week I will give you guys a weeks worth of WODs that I did, hence the title. (I thought it was pretty clever! haha)

So….here it goes.

Tuesday PM 12-18-12

Oly Lifts and Accessories:

1. 3 X 5 Snatch Grip Deadlift @ heavier than 1RM Snatch – 155#
*only Deadlift to the 1st pull of snatch…bottom of knee
*rest :60 between sets
2. 3 X 5 Snatch Grip behind neck Push Press @ 90% – 135#
*rest :60 between sets

Met Con: 3 RFT

10 Sumo Deadlifts 285#/205#
20 Bar Facing Burpees

TIME: 10:41

This WOD was pretty hard. Definitely gets you if your cardio sucks!

Wednesday 12-19-12

Max Power Snatch
7 x 1 to find Max Power Snatch

I think I could have gotten more weight, but I am having trouble trying not to muscle and control the bar so much. Just gotta push it off my hips and get underneath that bar. Definitely going to focus on this the next few weeks and see if I can get a new PR soon.


Oly Lift Accessories:

3 X 8 Jumping Good Morning – 75#

Strength: High Bar Back Squat

1. 1 X 5 @ 80% – 160#
2. 2 X 3 @ 85% – 170#
3. 2 X 2 @ 90% – 180#
4. 2 X 1 @ 90% – 180#

Met Con: For Time

30 Toes to Bar
20 Thrusters 95#/65#
400 M
20 Thrusters 95#/65#
30 Toes to Bar

TIME: 8:18

I liked this WOD. It was another one that challenges your cardio. I could feel my sports induced asthma kicking up while I was doing the 400m run, but I am starting to learn how to push though it and remind myself that my body will work for me even if I feel like I cant breath.

Thursday 12-20-12

Oh, Thursday was fun. I called it the clash of the WODs cause we did “Tom”

AMRAP in 25 minutes of:

7 Muscle Ups
11 Thrusters 155#/105#
14 Toes to Bar

I had to bow out of this one. I only did 3 rounds, I did about 7 thrusters at 105# and then had to scale down to 95#. I did all the muscle ups. The first set I did swinging and then I switched to strict because for some reason its easier for me.

I couldn’t get to my PM WOD because my company Christmas party was Thursday night.

Friday was my day off to rest. Much needed.

Saturday 12-22-12

12 days of Christmas

1. Triple Burpee
2. Deadlifts 215#/155#
3. box jumps
4. pull-ups
5. push-ups
6. hollow rockers
7. Push Press 95#/65#
8. lunges
9. double unders
10. KB swings 55#
11. knees to elbow
12. squats

TIME: 20:20

The way this one works is just like the song. 1, 21, 321, 4321….and so on. This one was great. I just kept moving from one to the other without stopping, maybe my cardio is getting a tad better. ha.

Well that was my WODerful days of the year/week. Hope everyone has a Merry Christams and a Happy New Year!


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