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New Year, New Victories

First off I hope that everyone had a great New Years!…and this is how CrossFitters drink by the way haha.

Here are a few little victories I had before we all rung in the new year…
1. The day after Christmas me and my coach, Bud, had a little open gym time. We accomplished two WODs in a row.

Double Unders and Sit-ups
TIME- 8:02

Little slow, but hey just working off all that holiday food right. (Even though I ate pretty good/healthy food somehow!)

Second WOD was:
150m run
12 deadlifts at 115#
12 decline push-ups
TIME- 7:32

2. I PR’d on my back squat again. Got it up to 235. Only 100 more lbs to go! ha

3. Last Friday I did a small competition at CrossFit Central downtown in Austin called the CrossFit Classic. This was the 4th edition and the WOD was “Jackie”. Usually these comps are composed of Games style benchmark WODs.

1000m Row
50 Thrusters 45# (for men and women. weird right? There is a definite time difference between the men and women because of that)
30 Pull-ups
TIME- 8:32
I won a growler full of some delicious dark beer, I think it was a coffee porter. CrossFit First Place

Side note: seeing the “West Side” written next to my head makes me wish I threw up some gang signs or something haha.

My WOD List

Here is a list of some workouts I have been doing:
Thursday 12-27-12

Oly Lifts:
1. 10 minute Clean and Jerk skill work
2. 3 X 8 Clean and Jerk @ 75% = 115#

Met Con: “Tabata Something Else”
:20 work, :10 rest for each component with :10 rest between exercises. Count TOTAL reps.

Saturday 12-29-12

Partner Workout
200 ball slams 20#
150 sit-ups
100 Squats
50 push press 65#
25 pull-ups
250m run (aka big building run – just guessing how many meters it is.)

groups of three: 1 rest, 1 Burpee-ing, 1 doing max effort on the exercise

Took my group a little over 20  minutes for this one. We had a newbie who did well but it was a little to much for his first time.

Monday 12-31-12

Oly Lifts: Every :30 for 4:30 (10 reps)

1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch @ 80% = 85#

Met Con: 3 RFT

10 KB Snatch L + OH Lunge 55#/35#

10 KB Snatch R + OH Lunge 55#/35#

20 Jumping Squats 45#

Time: 9:10

rest 2 minutes…

31 Triple Burpees

Time: 6:20 somethingish = dripping sweat like I drank 3 gallons of water.

Tuesday 1-1-13

HUNGOVER! I mean . . . recovery day.

Wednesday 1-2-13

Back to 2-a-days!
5:30am WOD:
1000m row
20 ring push ups
750m row
35 ring push ups
500m row
50 ring push ups
Time- 20:49

My pecks are killing me!! Time to get after it on that lacrosse ball thats for sure.

Tonights 5:30pm WOD will be:

Skill: 15 minutes KB Swings
1. hand release
2. figure 8 – fun?
3. bottom-up hold

Met Con: 3 RFT
800 M
12 Front Squat 155#/115#
21 Knees to Elbow

Was not looking forward to that run! at all! I hate running when its cold cause I feel worse than a 9 year old with severe asthma. Intense, I know.
Time- 21:17

New Years Resolutions

Going Paleo!
Started yesterday morning. I went to the book store and bought 2 HUGE books with paleo recipes in them. Meat, Meat, Meat and more meat! yeah. I think I will enjoy this, just not so sure my cholesterol levels will haha.
Yesterday I had:
Breakfast – Eggs and bacon
Lunch – Spicy Calamari – dont buy the frozen stuff, its gummy, but pretty much impossible to find fresh calamari anywhere!
Dinner – Seared skirt steak with a garlic butter drizzle and brocoli soup.
Snack – Almond butter as I sit at my desk. First time to try it, it tastes like crackers haha.

Anyways, enough for today! Hope everyone has a good workout today. Work Hard, Be Strong, Live Long. Yup, just made that up, probably saw it somewhere im sure though.


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  • Mom on January 3, 2013

    Wow Lauren. Those are some serious biceps! Lol
    Looking good.

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