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The CrossFit Open – An Agreement to WIN!

As we all know the “CrossFit Open is upon us!” I saw that 5 million times on Facebook Tuesday. Thanks everyone for reminding everyone else a thousand times, I think we got it. Anyways, at my gym, CrossFit Kyle, we had a little team briefing Tuesday night to let us know how things worked for […]

“The Only Limit…Is The One You Set Yourself”

Check out this video, the only thing they are missing is Gymnastics and CrossFit! Then and only then will it be a great video, but the message is good. After watching the video I checked out a few of my CrossFit media site and signed up for a subscription to WODTalk mag. So, I was […]

Pendlay Row Tuesday

Yesterday went well. Still need to work on my cardio and breathing. Thats what gets me the most. Oly Lifts: 1. Clean and Jerk 2 X 4 @ 65%, 2 X 2 @ 70%, 2 X 1 @ 80%, 2 X 1 @ 85%, 1 X 4 @ 70% 105 – 110 – 125 – […]