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The Fittest Games/CrossFit Open Preparation

Two weeks ago I randomly decided I wanted to get in on The Fittest Games in Austin, TX that will take place this Friday and Saturday, January 18-19th. Last weekend I did The Garage Games World Wide WOD and did pretty well, but I knowingly threw two competitions back to back. Smart Idea? Probably not with how big of a deal The Fittest Games are, but I am a CrossFitter right, we persevere through everything that comes our way. Good thing is that The Garage Games didn’t make me very sore at all. I placed 14th out of 145ish RX Women all over the world, 5th in the state of Texas and 1st out of the host gym CrossFit Kyle. The WODs were:

21 KB swings 55#-M/35#-W
12 Pull-ups
100 Double Unders

5 min clock
60 Sit-ups
Wallballs for remainder of time, choosing weight of wallball
Score: # of wallballs x weight

30 Clean & Jerks 95#-W/135#-M(i think)

In about a month, most CrossFitters will be participating in the Open in hopes of making it to Regionals, so how do we prepare for things like that especially when we/I am throwing in big competitions in the middle of prep work? I was reading an article on crossfitimpulse written by Jeff Barnett and here is a break down of what he explains.

1. 2 weeks out from the competition your capability to increase performance is almost fixed. At 1 week out your capability is fixed. Nothing you do a week prior to competition will help you on game day as far as getting stronger, but technique wise is a different story.

2. Adequate rest in advance of competition is needed (duh)

So, granted I know that working on my hang clean tonight in hope that ill be able to get up to 150 for the clean ladder on friday, definitely wont happen. But, working on it tonight and making sure my form is at its best to get the maximum potential from my lift will work in my favor for Friday. Unfortunately I will not be getting the rest I need for this competition. I am doing more active rest days, sort of, using weight and going over technique and then hitting some mobility in the gym until the day before. Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal here is not to win The Fittest Games, but to gather experience and watch others and see where I stand so that I can train as needed to do really well at the Open.

Idealy, this is how the weeks leading up to a competition should go, according to Barnett:
weeks schedule till competition

I am not to far off track for this weekend, but the soreness has set in from Monday and Tuesday training that I probably wont get fully rid of in two days.

Barnett “read from Mark Rippetoe and Louie Simmons that you loose strength very slowly, but lose endurance very quickly. Strength building WODs also heavily break down your muscles. For those reasons, during the final week I performed no strength work, only short metcons and very light endurance work.”

This is exactly right. Yesterday I hit a 2000m row to keep up with my breathing and light cardio work to keep prepared for the intense WODs for this weekend. Which by the way are:

Amateur Competition
WOD 1: KB + Farmer – Friday
For time:

  • 15, 12, 9 – Dual KB Shoulder to Overhead @ 24/16Kg
  • 80’, 100’, 120’ – Dual Farmer Carry @ 140/90#

WOD 2: 2-position Clean Ladder – Friday
For max weight: (Cleans Any way)

Women’s Weights:
105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 150

Men’s Weights:
165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255

WOD 3: Gymnastics – Saturday

Part A
2-Minute AMRAP: Pull-ups
*5 Hand-Release Pushup penalty every time an athlete comes off the bar.


Part B
5 rounds for time:
-10 Toes to Bar
-10 Burpee to Plate

WOD 4 – TBA – Saturday

Amateur Finals – TBA – Saturday

Check out the Pro and Team workouts on their site:

Not to bad right.
“Finally, what should you do on game day? The best advice I received, and that I shall give again, is to not change a thing that you aren’t required to change. Eat what you always eat (assuming you follow a solid Paleo/Zone plan). Wear the shoes and clothes you always wear for WODs. If you always tape your wrists/knees then tape your wrists/knees. If you’ve never taped your wrists/knees, then now is not the day to start. Game day is not the day to begin anything new or try a new method.”

Of course you cant count out nutrition leading up to competitions either. If your aren’t on a good diet right now, then now is the time to change it before the CrossFit Games Open. Here is a nifty infographic from


All in all, we all know the drill. The better stuff you put into your body the better lifts and movements you will get out of it.

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