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“The Only Limit…Is The One You Set Yourself”

Check out this video, the only thing they are missing is Gymnastics and CrossFit! Then and only then will it be a great video, but the message is good.

After watching the video I checked out a few of my CrossFit media site and signed up for a subscription to WODTalk mag. So, I was looking though WODTalk mag and reading a few things, blurbs and looked at all the pretty pictures…cause I would fall asleep at my desk if I read it. Not saying its not interesting, just makes my eyes tired. (Hense why I have never finished a book lol..oops)

Anyways, I come across this little articled called “Study Finds Women May Always Struggle With Pull-ups”. It reads:

“A recent study by exercise researches at the University of Dayton has shown that despite the level of physical fitness, most women will always have a hard time performing pull-ups.

Researchers took 17 female participants with no prior pull-up experience through a three-day a week training program. Focusing on bicep-intensive exercises, the program was an effort to measure the ability of women to perform strict pull-ups. At the end of the study, women increased their upper body strength by an average of 36 percent and reduced body fat by 2 percent, but only four of the participants could complete a pull-up.

In the end, the study affirmed prior beliefs that pull-ups are naturally more difficult for women than men because of their lower testosterone levels, which make it harder to build muscle. The researchers also found that those with long arms were more likely to struggle with strict pull-ups than those with shorter arms.”

Sooooo.. does this mean we have an excuse now?? I dont think so. Naturally, unseen to men, women are mentally stronger and have a tendency to push their limits a bit/a lot further. (aka child birth) Of course we all know that men have bigger arms and muscle growth, way to state the obvious. To make my point, I really just hope that women dont look at this and make it part of their excuse for not having or not doing pull-ups or strict pull-ups. This is just more reason to prove them wrong and work hard enough to make pull-ups easy. Stick It To The Man! I mean researchers. We are CrossFitters, and like everything else hard work pays off and their are no limits to what you can do.

On that note, here are some inspirational pictures that will really make you want to hit it hard at the box today:

No more excuses now. We all want to be on that first place box one day, so get movin’ and train like there is no tomorrow.

WODs for the week.

Here are some of the WODs I went through the past couple of days. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Thursday 1-3-13

Three rounds for time:
9-6-3 reps of:
Thrusters 95#/65#
Rest one minute.

Now some people get confused with the “Franimi” aka Mini Fran. Each round you have to do 9 thruster and pull ups, 6 thrusters and pull ups and 3 thrusters and pull ups. All that equals one round. Subtract your two minute rest from your total time.

TIME – 6:02

Friday 1-4-13

Snatch Balance
Find your max.
65-85-105-125#(5) ->

Then every minute on the minute for 8 minutes
Two Snatch Balances @ 75% = 95#

Saturday 1-5-13

Partner WOD – Team of 4 – Finish 100 as a team
100 Push-ups
• 5 burbees each as a team
100 Sit-ups
• 5 burbees each as a team
100 Wall Balls
• 5 burbees each as a team
100 Push Press 65#

TIME – 11:54
This is a good off day workout just to keep your body moving without creating any soreness in the next coming days.

Monday 1-7-13

Oly Lift Accessories:
3 X 5 High Hang Pulls @ 85% Hang Clean = 115#

Strength: Back Squat
1. 1 rep every :30 for 2:00 @ 90% = 210#
2. 1 rep every :30 for 1:30 @ 90% = 210#
3. 1 rep every :30 for 1:00 @ 90% = 225#

Met Con: AMRAP 9

40 Double Unders
10 Handstand Push-ups

5rds + 14 DUs

Tuesday 1-8-13

Oly Lifts: 15 minute Clean and Jerk skill

1. 3 X 8 Jumping Good Mornings @ heavier than last time = 85#
2. 3 X 10 Toes to Bar – strict, no kipping
3. 3 X 8 Strict Press @ 80% = 85#

*these wll be performed in order…1 set Good Mornings, 1 set T2B, 1 set Strict Press, then repeat 2 more sets.

Rest :45 between exercises and sets*

Met Con: 4 Rounds for Reps

1 minute ME Wall Ball
1 minute rest

122 Total in 4min

Wednesday 1-9-13

Oly Lifts: Snatch
1. 2 X 2 @ 75%
2. 2 X 2 @ 80%
3. 3 X 1 @ 85%
4. 3 X 1 @ 90%

Met Con: 3 RFT

10 Lateral Box Jumps
25 American KB Swings 55#/35#
10 Pull-ups

CrossFit Monthly Challenge

31 day challenge is to do 100 push-ups a day. 


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