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Work, Work All Week Long!

“Work, work all week long
Punchin’ that clock from dusk ’till dawn.
Countin’ the days ’till Friday night
That’s when all the conditions are right.
For a good time
I need a good time.”

-Alan Jackson – Good Time

I know most of you country fans know that song and know exactly what im talking about.

Lately I have been slammed at work! By the way aside from working out all the time, I do have a real job. Ha. I am a website designer and developer aka Nerd. What most of you dont know is that I sit at a desk all day reading html lines of code and then switching gears to design mode and stare at pretty colors all day. Talk about a brain workout all week for 8 hours a day.

Have you ever had a hard time getting out of bed and getting your butt in the gym? You know your not a lazy person, but you just cant seem to wake up!?!? Yup, Im in one of those funks right now. At first I thought maybe I just need rest from the Spartan Race, but that was almost two weeks ago. I started thinking about what else could be the cause of my fatigue?


Do I suffer from:

Poor diet?  No.
Lack of sleep? Not really, I get anywhere from 6-8 hours which is optimal for adults.
Lack of exercise? Definitely not.
Dehydration? I suppose I could drink more water, but I do drink water through the day.
Working the brain too hard? Hmm. Iv been super busy at work and I feel tired as heck when I leave. BINGO.

Mental Fatigue Can Make Exercise Harder

Study Shows People Feel Exhausted More Quickly After a Taxing Mental Task.

“A new study shows that people feel exhausted sooner during exercise if they have performed a mentally taxing task beforehand. While the mental fatigue doesn’t affect cardiovascular capacity, it has an impact on the exerciser’s perceived level of exhaustion.”

In this report, they found that people who have mentally draining jobs will quit 15% sooner durring their workouts than people who are not fatigued mentally.

I tried to get up Monday for my 5:30am WOD. No deal. Tried to get up this morning for my Tuesday WOD. No deal. Iv been having the tendency of falling back asleep and dreaming that I was getting ready, only to wake up at 5:30/6am and realize I have missed my workout! Ugh, and now I feel like a lazy piece of crap sitting at my desk all day. Oh! the plight of a working woman. I really wish I could get paid to workout. One day, one day.

They say there is really no way to fight mental fatigue but there ware things that can help. Diet of course is one of them. Making sure we get enough water. Taking a breather and doing some exercises that make you feel “empowered.” Lastly, of course again is exercise.

Guess I will just have to be a little more forceful in getting up. Maybe set the alarm clock across the room instead of on my phone that is usually right next to me. Iv noticed that its easier to get up when I keep the room warmer too. Or, maybe I just need a vacation! Good thing the holidays are coming up. On that note, Happy Holidays to all my readers. I promise to start posting more, just been a busy bee!


  • Mom on December 21, 2012

    I like your blogs….
    You’re so funny.
    There…the two samples of your, you’re. One is possessive, the other a contraction. Grammar mom is finished! Lol ( dad does the same thing! ) ha

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